Hank the Halfling

A psychotic little rogue with a penchant for demons.


A halfling, short, wiry, with coal black eyes, a crop of black hair, a gaunt face, wearing a sweet black suit and a fedora. He carried a falchion with a halfling skull on its pommel.

But after his abominable resurrection, Hank has white skin, empty eyes, storm-white hair, sharp claws, sharp teeth, wings, the smell of death and hopelessness, but a halfling’s height.


Hank the Halfling is the Major Domo of an evil floating mountain, a position that is represented by the powerful falchion he wields. Hank is psychotic, sadistic, absent of any cohesive moral system. He’s easily upset, swift to enact vengeance, but these tendencies are all hidden behind an adorable halfling exterior that most people find damn approachable (and cute).

Hank the Halfling

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